Let’s Share Love

We must be willing and open to love. Don’t be afraid to become love in action. You have every right to be a vessel of love; your life depends on it.


Let’s Share Love


Life is a journey that we all must travel,

Sometimes we feel like we know our paths,

But we cannot see the gravel,

It’s hard to have faith,

In something we can not see or know,

But we must continue to move forward,

In order to grow,


We must embrace our roots,

Uplift our youth,

And give them all someone to look up to,

Water them with knowledge,

Like flowers thirsting for the sun,

Give them life,

Something to look up to become.


Share the LOVE…

Love so great it drips from above,

And the heavens form clouds,

As the skies spark up lightening,

Making the ground tremble,

bold and loud

And God cries tears of rain,

Washing away all hardships and pain

Until we recognize each other,

As fellow sisters and brothers.


Let’s share love,

so great and bold,

That even beauty acknowledges

Our astonishing glow,

As people imitate and compliment us,

on our beautiful souls,


Until we can overshadow evil,

Until our voices roar like thunder,

Until our words create hurricanes,

Until we can rise from down under,

Until hate envy us,

with the determination to win,

But then it eventually surrenders and gives in.


Until hearts erupt like volcanoes,

Overflowing with emotion,

Until we can say “we have overcome,”

And we’re no longer just hoping…

Until Haiti isn’t just a tragedy,

But a blessing that has brought us closer together,

Knowing that whatever

“We will get thru this bad weather,”

Until black lives actually, do matter,

Until we can climb easily up the justice ladder,

Until we can stand up tall,

Until we become indestructible like mountains,

And righteous ideals collide

with general worldviews like waterfalls.


Share the love,

So great that the wind become still,

Peace become moved and justice at will,

Equity is approved,

And equality is improved.


Let’s share love like no other,

Treat our women like the soil that can grow life,

Treat her like nature’s mother,

Until our heavenly father takes us away,

Until atheist kneel down to pray,

Until our jail cells are unlocked,

And the innocent are stray,

Until darkness disappears,

And the light of happiness is here to stay,

Until violence is gone,

And love is to be lived on…


Let’s Share Love