In the midst of a battlefield,

I am an army of one,

I fight this war with gun on my hips,

Aiming to pull the trigger,

With prayers on my lips.


Because I rather it be you than me,

Even though I walk through the shadow of death,

I’m ready to defeat the enemy.

Approaching the front line I face my fears,

God is on my mind,

And my eyes are full of tears.


My spirit knows what doesn’t kill me,

Makes me stronger,

With God, I can make it,

If I endure the hardships and conquer the pain,

Just a little while longer,

Lord knows I can take it.


In this war of love,

I take shots at the chest,

And this wall I hold up,

Becomes a shield that protects me.


When I feel like the air is too thick,

And the rumors become like atomic gasses and shorten my breath,

I decree and declare the Lord reigns.

I overcome my hardships and pains.